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Momoko   Tsugunaga
嗣永 桃子
Birthday: March 6 1992 (1992-03-06) (age 27)
Blood Type: O
Height: 149.8 cm (59 in, 4 ft 10 in)
Weight: secret (ひみつ)
Measurements: secret (ひみつ)
Shoe Size:
Hometown: Chiba
Sports Played:
Hobbies: Reading Manga
Specialty: Sleeping Anywhere


Tsugunaga Momoko is a member of the Hello! Project group, Berryz Kobo. On July 21st, 2007 she formed a group with Miyabi Natsuyaki and Airi Suzuki. She was also part of the Hello! Project group, ZYX along with Saki Shimizu, Maimi Yajima, Erika Umeda, Megumi Murakami and the former Morning Musume member, Mari Yaguchi, was the leader of the group.

Interesting Facts

  • Strong point: I guess doing my best till the end even if I'm not good at it??
  • Weak point: Always taking up lots of time no matter what I do!
  • Habit: When I'm nervous, my voice gets higher?
  • Favorite color: Pink, Yellow
  • Favorite flower: Tulip (red ones)
  • Disliked thing to do: Dance...
  • Scared of: Rollercoasters, Haunted Houses...
  • Favorite movie: "Hamutarou"!!
  • Favorite book: Manga
  • Favorite word: "Itsumo happy" (always happy)
  • Favorite season: Fall!! Because there's lots of delicious things to eat
  • Favorite food: Sea urchin, Kanpachi, Crab
  • Least favorite food: Green Peas
  • Favorite song: "Uwaki na Honey Pie" (Country Musume)
  • Charm point: Eyelashes. They're a bit longer than most people's!



  • [2007.06.19] momo (もも)
  • [2008.03.19] momo16 -Momoiro- (momo16 -ももいろ; Momo16 Peach-colored)
  • [2008.11.21] Momo no Mi (桃の実; Peach Seeds)
  • [2009.08.21] momochiiii!!!!


  • [2002-12]仔犬ダンの物語 Koinu Dan no Monogatari (The Story of the Puppy Dan)
  • [2004-07] Promise Land ~クローバーズの大冒険~ (Promise Land ~Clover's Adventure~)


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