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Maimi   Yajima
矢島 舞美

Birthday: February 07, 1992 (16)
Blood Type: O
Height: 165 cm
Shoe Size:
Hometown: Saitama, Japan
Sports Played: Futsal
Hobbies: Making Bee Mascots, Writing Letters, Running
Specialty: Horizontal Bar, Hula Hoop, Unicycle, Shodō


Maimi Yajima (矢島 舞美) born in Saitama, Japan is currently a member and leader of the Japanese Pop group °C-ute, part of Hello! Project Kids.

Maimi first joined Hello! Project in 2002 as one of the fifteen children chosen from the Hello! Project Kids auditions after performing "Momoiro Kataomoi" by Aya Matsuura. She made her debut the very same year in the movie Koinu Dan no Monogatari, taking on one of the main roles as an antagonist.

In 2003 she then joined the first of the kids groups ZYX, which was short-lived. They only released two singles before they became inactive. Then in 2005, a year after Berryz Koubou was formed, the remaining children who did not make it into the group formed °C-ute. The group did not make its official debut until late in 2006, with their first official single released in February of 2007.

Even though she is not the oldest of the girls in the group she still became the group's leader when Umeda Erika, who was the previous leader, decided that she was not responsible enough for the position.

Currently she also co-hosts °C-ute's weekly radio program, Cutie Party, with Airi Suzuki and Okai Chisato. She took over the role when Megumi Murakami left the group to focus more on her studies and for her to lead a more private life.




  • [2007.04.27] 舞美 Maimi
  • [2008.01.27] 爽・空(そうそら) Sou Sola


Interesting Facts

  • Strong Point: Steadily putting effort into even things I hate doing
  • Weak Point: Being shy
  • Favorite Color: White, Green, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue (pale colors in general)
  • Favorite Flower: Hibiscus, Cosmos, Lily of the Valley
  • Dislikes to do: Getting shots and anything else that hurts
  • Scared of: Snakes, Bugs, Monsters
  • Favorite Movie: "Home Alone" (all three)
  • Favorite Book: "Fuuchan no Harmonica"
  • Favorite Word: "Zenryoku toukyuu!!" (Go all out)
  • Favorite Season: Spring
  • Favorite Food: Quail Eggs, Umeboshi, Fruits
  • Least Favorite Food: Liver, Ginger, Wasabi, Sea Urchin
  • Favorite Song: "I WISH" (Morning Musume)
  • Charm Point: My Silky Hair


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