Runa Okada

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Runa   Okada
岡田 留奈
Birthday: April 17 1992 (1992-04-17) (age 27)
Blood Type: B
Height: 152 cm (60 in, 4 ft 11 in)
Weight: secret (ひみつ)
Measurements: B78·W58·H78
Shoe Size:
Hometown: Fukuoka Prefecture
Sports Played:
Hobbies: Music Appreciation? 音楽を聴くこと
Specialty: Volleyball


Very few things about her. Expansion of this info is needed.

Runa was a member of the band Sweetkiss with Jeshika and Saaya Irie. The band has recently retired. Runa, Saaya Irie, and a new member Rio Iguchi debut as a new group called Chase.


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