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K15 Community Rules
1.0 General Forum Policies

1.1 No Porn! No Nudity! (Also applies to linked websites and their advertisements)!
1.2 All girls need to be 17 years old or younger!
1.3 18+ years old girls have their “Graduated” forum.
1.4 No candid content! (Girls not aware of being captured on media)!
1.5 No content which has not been produced and is not being sold in Japan!
1.6 No non-Japanese girls except for those who are culturally integrated!
1.7 No pedo-talk! No sexual language!

2.0 Member Profile Policies

2.1 No offensive usernames
2.2 No offensive signatures
2.3 No offensive avatars
2.4 […]

3.0 Message Posting Policies

3.1 No sexually suggestive content! (I.e. licking bananas and sausages or touching of body parts)
3.2 No Spam (Mainly affects newcomers)! * (Scroll down to see what is considered spam here)
3.3 First spam message will be deleted.
3.4 Any further spam will result in a 7 day ban without warning!
3.5 Any further spam after the ban will result in a perma-ban!
3.6 Only allowed language is English! Do not post in other languages.
3.7 Make sure not to post any content which has been posted before.

What is considered spam?

Repetitive posts, many posts in a row, useless posts, referral posts, aggressive posts, posts not in English, rumors, foul language

More Information

The moderators and administrators will always try and keep the forum clean, appropriate and tasteful. In case you encounter content which might violate our rules or the laws of any country, please report to the board administration immediately.

We are following a strict anti-spam policy where spammers are banned on-sight. To avoid being banned, please refrain from posting text-comments to pictures or videos.

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